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Margie's Madagascan travels in 2018 inspired the work for her most recent exhibition. Madagascar is one of the world's biodiversity hotspots and it has a massive wealth of unique endemic species; tragically, many of its weird and wonderful creatures and plants are critically endangered, and others such as the Dodo and the Elephant Bird, are already extinct. The tropical island's astonishing array  of habitats is urgently threatened by deforestation and uncontrolled 'slash and burn' development. Madagascar's colourful Afro-Asian people are desperately poor but they are hardworking and surprisingly traditional in their lifestyles, as if still living in an earlier century: they have inspired Margie to return to figurative subject matter...

Textile Transaction

50 x 70 cm


Textile Transaction

A Fine Balance

Lady of the Bananas
Paddyfields at Dusk
The Path to La Buvette
Village Football Supporters
Palm Trunk Patterns
Girl in Green
The Joy of Finding a Chameleon
Sacred Cows
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